May 14, 2018

B-frames require little space, but can take longer to decompress because they’re reliant on frames that may be reliant on other frames. For recording at night or in low light conditions. A type of photo reflector lamp that can illuminate a rather wide area. Canon driver Support Exposure Bias setting. The main light is placed above and in the same direction the subject is facing and so produces even, soft light.

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An advantage that greatly increases photographic possibilities, High ISO capability delivers excellent exposures in challenging, nikon coolpix 4200 light conditions, broadening the scope of possible subjects and allowing scenes to be captured beautifully without compromising natural light. One such enhancement is Nikon coolpix 4200 Cheeks, which adds color to the cheeks of a portrait subject.

An electronic unit that provides a relatively brief burst of light. A file format created by Adobe to allow the easy sharing of files of images and text among computers nikon coolpix 4200 requiring the specific software application that created the elements of the file.

For example, daylight is normally cooler than incandescent lighting, coopix if you photograph a subject lit by an incandescent light and the white balance of the camera is set for daylight, the image will look warmer because that type of lighting is warmer orangeish in color than daylight. A nion program that enables you to adjust a photo to improve or change its appearance.

nokon Once the camera captures images it stops shooting and for every 30 images, it will make one composite image with the trails overlapping.

Attaches to the viewfinder eyepiece for eyesight adjustment.

Nikon | Imaging Products | Lineup

Archived from the original on 30 April The window in which the photographer frames the subject and checks focus. Reflections are minimized while contrast and power cool;ix are improved. The Utility enables you to transfer images and movies to your computer for viewing and editing.

The camera will take nikon coolpix 4200 photograph each time the shutter button is released.

A phenomenon in which light rays passing through a lens focus at different points, depending on their wavelength. This scene nikon coolpix 4200, available on xoolpix Nikon coolpix 4200 digital cameras, is designed to take vivid photographs of scenes with colorful red and yellow autumn leaves. This effect is suitable for night scenes. A scene mode available on select Nikon digital cameras that is used to take extreme close up photos of small objects or other subjects.

In long time exposures at Bulb or Time settingrepeatedly cooplix a the flash creates a multiple-exposure, stroboscopic effect. It is used in time lapse photography.


When manually setting the white balance on your digital camera, and shooting under flourescenet lighting you use the flourescent setting to color color balance nikon coolpix 4200 light so it is captured correctly by the camera. Marked a few definitions as being internal to the gphoto project.

The precise position plane within the camera body, behind the shutter curtain, at which the light gathering surface of nikon coolpix 4200 image sensor is fixed. Mode featuerd in select D-SLRs. Some defines for PTP 1. Electricity to the lamp stimulates the mercury vapor within the lamp creating the emission of electromagnetic radiation which produces the fluorescence.

When choosing this, the nikin allows you to adjust the hue using the command dial, which will be saved in the camera’s memory. Available in selected Nikon D-SLRs, ccoolpix point AF system positions 51 points nikon coolpix 4200 focus within the frame to allow photographers to choose a variety of focus nikon coolpix 4200 to suit the shooting situation.

The metadata looks like: To help prevent the appearance of these artifacts in photographs Nikon has created the Comprehensive Dust Reduction System.

This is contrary to the standard HD resolutions of p and p which represent the number of vertical pixels. Often used to describe a category of wedding photographs. When Auto FP High Speed Sync is selected, the flash will fire for the duration of the shutter curtain’s travel, thus syncing with the camera’s shutter speed when that speed is set higher than the camera’s normal sync speed.

The distance from the principal point to the focal point. Real lenses do not focus all rays perfectly, and so, even at best nikon coolpix 4200, a point is imaged as a spot nikon coolpix 4200 than a point.

EXPEED 5 has evolved with the development of new Nikon technologies as well as the improvement of existing technologies. Sometimes there are two parts to nikon coolpix 4200 Nikon firmware update labeled A or B.

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