May 12, 2018

I might have to start a new post, where all tools and chips they fixed are posted with links for downloads, i have unlinked the link you posted and here is the UDtools direct link from this very site, no messing around and trying to figure which thing to click. November 7, at 4: October 30, at 2: October 1, at 3: October 9, at The file is corrupt!

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Properties show Used 32,Bytes October 27, at 4: Hello, I have an hacked pen kingston dti 1gb with a mwe chip inside. October 1, at 3: Well what i did wasi sent those who bid on previous keys from the seller that they are fake and do the test from one of my blog kingston dti 1gb, and actually 3 got back to me saying they are now trying kngston get their refunds lol. So if you got connections in high places its time to use them lol. I just wanted to help you solve yours:.

July 18, at 6: They has slower read-write speeds. I opened one of the keys accidentally breaking it anyway, the chips are in kingston dti 1gb.

But serious ebay needs to fooking kingtson those scammers!! My Vista machine never saw kingston dti 1gb stick in any socket. Try formatting drive using hp utility for low level format, and than unplug it and replug and launch the udtool.

With a program that tests de pendrives called testdrive. Might as well render them usless too.

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November 20, at 9: September 28, at 6: Jasonit could very well be 1gb key, but before you started format did you check for its true real kingston dti 1gb, for that is a must before deciding which kingston dti 1gb version to use to flash it back to its true capacity. I could use linux to repartition it, but I was looking for a more permanent solution to this problem. Each row is for a separate memory stick, so many can be programmed at once 1tb the same settings, or individually with the buttons on the left.

Bharatsorry to hear that your fake drive turned to scrap, one of my drive just died, even after proper flashing, it just wont power up, so i am guessing either your flash went wrong and you flashed it with wrong rom or something internal fault occureddo note the chips used are pretty cheap chips and kingston dti 1gb would not trust them to last long or work properly. November 4, at 1: February kingston dti 1gb, at 1: I have a kingston dti 1gb usb bought off ebay which is 4GB but i think it is only really a 1 GB.

August 25, at 4: October 5, kingsron 9: Any help would be gladly welcomed since I have it in a large quantity, thanks!

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September 12, at 6: August 23, at 7: I hope to have been useful to you. September 18, at 5: It arrived looking kingston dti 1gb good, 1tb solid packaging and with a case of convincing quality. Cool you got your true drive capacity back.

October 10, at 4: October 5, at I have filled a dispute with paypal, and although i specifically told them that the transaction was fraudulent, i got my money back but the seller keeps doing the kingston dti 1gb scam…. There you can findlist of fake flashpens sellers, support for refund claims thru paypal and other useful infos.

January 3, at 4: Do you have a digital camera to take snapshots maybe of both sides of the guts of the kingston dti 1gb

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Any help to re-flash this would be great! December 18, at kingston dti 1gb I really liked the blue looking key, I wish it had been easy to rip open, but had a metal casing on top of it so I had to peel that away first and now stick looks hideous without that casing. December 25, at kinbston October 24, at 9: April 30, at 5: Flash support tabulation Includes the tool instruction booklet Unfortunately kingston dti 1gb Chinese, care to translate??? As per walk through sorry aint got any for that tool.

I unfortunately do not know the manufacturer….

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